Cirhha Niva @ Gebr. de Nobel

  • Datum: 07 - apr - 2016
  • Tijd:20:00
  • Adres:Leiden
  • Locatie:Marktsteeg 4-8
  • Tickets:Kaarten Kopen


The Dutch progressive metalband Cirrha Niva will release their new album ‘Out Of The Freakshow,’ on April 14, 2016.
Cirrha Niva received high rates from international music press. Good criticism on solid songs, great performance and musically excellent craftsmanship. Cirrha Niva’s mix of Pain Of Salvation, Nevermore, Psychotic Waltz, Opeth, Thin Lizzy, Rush & Dream Theater is unique and refreshing!

After the exceptionally well reviewed album ‘For Moments Never Done’, being rewarded with “Eremetaal” in Aardschok (NL), “Vette Krent” in IO-Pages (NL), “Album Of The Month” in Relevationz (DK) and “Masterpiece” in Progressor (UZ), Cirrha Niva started writing ‘Out Of The Freakshow,’. During that time the band’s search for a rhythmn section resulted in welcoming killer bassist Michel (ex-Fuelblooded) and expert drummer Robert (ex-Toyz). 

In 2009, Cirrha Niva had developed their unique ‘For Moments Never Done’ sound. Now, again under the guidence of producers Jochem Jacobs and Bouke Visser of Split Second Sound Studio (Textures ect), the band takes it to the next level. On ‘Out Of The Freakshow,’ the music still consists of technical riffs, pounding drums, melodic and shredding guitar solo’s. But the band utilises more of a Seventies-feel and have packed much more emotion and anger into the compositions. They even take the heavyness and speed to an unprecedented level for Cirrha Niva. All this and more results in the newborn album: ‘Out Of The Freakshow,’. Musical references can be compared with bands such as Nevermore, Dream Theater, Psychotic Waltz and even some Thin Lizzy, Rush and Led Zeppelin.

“Ladies and gentleman. Brothers and sisters. Geeks and gorillas.
For the world of the bizarre we proudly present the world’s largest congregation of human oddities.”

On ‘Out Of The Freakshow,’ Cirrha Niva welcomes some very talented guest musicians. Drummer and interim bandmember Nathanael Taekema (Thomas Zwijsen) did the band a huge favour by creating and playing all drumtracks on the album. Psychotic Waltz frontman Devon Graves adds depth to ‘Just Another Legacy’ with his poignant vocals and flute, and singer Lisette van den Berg (Scarlet Stories) takes ‘Afraid To Bleed’ to a breathtaking climax. Under supervision of Joost van den Broek (ex-After Forever), keyboardist Erik van Ittersum (Theater Equation) adds spheric elements to the album using piano, Hammond organ, strings and soundscapes. And finally, the mysterious Mr. Gold, speaks as The Ringmaster in the opening song ‘I Guess’. 

Visualy, Cirrha Niva is surrounded by a team of creative and devoted freaks! The stunning artwork is made by Blacklake Design (Damien Wilson, Maiden United) and the band pictures are shot by Tim Tronckoe Photography. The band outfits are exclusivly created by Ingeborg Steenhorst from I Style Stars (Lacuna Coil, Epica, Karmaflow).

Cirrha Niva has a strong DO-IT-YOURSELF attitude and they work 220% for their music. All albums are released on their own independent label Parnassus Records. The band invested a lot in quality studio recordings, cd production and press promotion. And it pays off, because the band has received overall high rates from international music press. The album is distributed by JBM Distribution / Bertus / Sonc Rendezvous. 

The band invested a lot in quality studio recordings, cd production and press promotion. The album has received overall high rates from international music press.

After intense live performances on international stages and festivals the band is rewarded with positive reactions from both press and audience on their live performance. Good criticism on solid songs,  great performance and musically excellent craftsmanship are received  after every show. Some press quotes;
“The strongest Dutch progband at the moment.” (NL Lords Of Metal NL)
“Good heaven, this is real music! Quality of this kind is rare nowadays” (Rock Tribune Magazine BELGIUM),
“This band belonged to the Top 3 of this festival.” (Metal-Nose BELGIUM),
“Cirrha Niva puts down a top notch concert” (Metalkrant NL).

Support History.
Besides the numerous headline shows with their rock opera ‘Liaison de la Morte’, Cirrha Niva supported welknown acts:
Crimson Glory (USA) European 25th ann. Tour 2011.
Lacuna Coil (IT),
Evergrey (SE),
Pain of Salvation (SE),
Planet X (USA),
Skyclad (UK),
Evanescence (USA).


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