Downriver Dead Men Go



Beginning as a side project of the alternative rock band ‘Caitlin’ (consisting of band members Gerrit Koekebakker, Fernandez Burton and Andy de Zeeuw) the slower, rhythmical tones of some of our songs bought a greater depth and individuality away from the mainstream alt.rock that we decided to pursue. Gijs van Rijn (then came the flood) was brought in on keyboard and we began doing live shows.

After a short while of stagnation we brought on board Peter Van Dijk as our new keyboardist and the sound of Downriver Dead Men Go finally grew into our now deeper, mesmerising, atmospheric, melancholy sound.

In 2014 the band began recording their debut album and this will be released in 2015 under their own management. Our aim now is to get Downriver Dead Men Go out playing gigs as much as possible to promote the album and widen our growing fan base.

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